Horse Back Riding

There are experiences you will never forget as make camping in the valleys, leave early morning to other mountain, enjoy every moment, of the horse, or the moments to stop and relax,

They are itineraries , of no more than a day , from 2 to 8 hours , some can be combined with walking or trekking to the  mountain tops , of you can reach with the horse the top from the Inacayal mountain , with connection  to Cerro Bayo mountain .

The spirit of these journeys is to enjoy the mountain with the horse, generally they are reduced groups with few people .Only one person can be in the horse, an example of these journeys is the Two Lakes viewpoint. This horseback riding has a 2 hours duration, where you ascend throw the Belvedere Mountain hill up to its top, which has a great panoramic view of the Nahuel Huapi, Correntoso lakes and the Andes Mountains.