Brava (Brave) and Mansa (Calm) beaches

They are located in the  Quetrihue  Itsmo ( narrow land ) ,in the entrance of Arrayanes National Park , in the famous “ Angostura “ narrow stretch that gave the name to the town .

The Brava beach that looks to the south is exposed to the wind. The Mansa beach is protected by the peninsula looks to the north, and it is quieter. Its waters are cold, but the Brava waters are 3 degrees warmer!!

The non Patagonia swimmers use to walk in the water up to their knees, with the dilemma of going or not inside the water, and have a gelid shock. But instead the local kids jump from the pier to the water. It is good to go to these beaches, like a previous or after stop to your visit to the Arrayanes National Park. There are several bar and restaurants close by.