Mountain Bike

This is the best way to adventure you in the less explored areas of the Andes. Mountain bike has become with time one of the more popular options, chosen by the tourists, that arrive to this region. Individually or in organized groups, the possibilities are several, for all the tastes and ages.

Recommended circuits:

Villa La Angostura:
This itinerary is ideal to do it with the family. It is a beautiful circuit around town, a beautiful mountain town, surrounded by lakes and woods

International Pass Cardenal Samore (ex Puyehue):
Duration is  a full day , round trip ( 54 km ) up to the Argentinean customs , and 2 days trip if you go up to the Chilean customs crossing the Andes ,from Villa La Angostura .

Arrayanes woods:
Duration: with bicycle you can do it in 3 hours time round trip. If you go walking is half a day or as an option you can take your bike in the Catamaran ship, and come back biking, may be the best option.