Other beaches

In the Espejo Chico Lake, located 22 km from Villa La Angostura, by NR 40, (7 Lakes road) you have to turn left 2 km to reach it.  It is a gorgeous white sand beach; you have camping services (paid)

Direction to Bariloche, you will find also beautiful beaches, like in Puerto Manzano, also in La Estacada Camping, or in the Rangintuco Camping. In this last two, you have to pay the day entrance; they have fire places for a barbecue, and bathrooms (only in summer). Continuing by NR 40 you can see a lot of beaches, small, big, where you can stop, and enjoy, always being carful of not making fires in NON PERMITED AREAS, as you can cause irreversible damages to the nature and woods. Also don’t throw garbage if there are no cans, bring them with you.