Beaches near Le Lac

At only 2 blocks from Le Lac ,there is an access to a beautiful beach , and from there  you can do a beautiful walk to the Rio Correntoso mouth with the Nahuel Huapi lake , or you can stay in the beach to enjoy the view or  relax .

Villa La Angostura is located over the margin of the Nahuel Huapi lake, 4 km from town center is located the Correntoso lake, (a little less from Le Lac) and 12 km from the Espejo Lake.

The ones who know say that the water temperature has never been so mild: 4 to 5 degrees higher than the historical average. One more reason for these beaches to have such a success in summer. Few places of the Andean south of the country, have SO MANY, BEAUTIFUL and DIFFERENT, beaches , like Villa La Angostura , and more and more people visit us every year due to this .

Here you can find dark volcanic sand  beaches , of white sand , of cold waters , of mild waters , of turquoise color waters ,similar to the Caribbean , and of deep blue , intimate beaches , beaches for adventurers , beaches for a younger crowd , popular beaches , the ones you can only reach by car , or only walking by a small path half an hour , or reach by boat only , and they are in three lakes :  Nahuel Huapi , Correntoso and Espejo , all very close . Some separated by only 20 meters, from each other like Mansa and Brava beaches, and in the middle of both an Arrayanes wood.