The 7 lakes road

7 lakes Road it’s named by a stretch of the National Route 40 (ex 234) in the Neuquén Province. The road connects Villa La Angostura with San Martin de los Andes, and you can see 7 lakes. It’s around 110 km long, where you can appreciate the typical characteristics of the Patagonia Andes region: big and extended woods, snow in the mountains piques, lakes. This   road crosses   two national parks, the Nahuel Huapi and the Lanin.

The lakes that give the name to the road are, from Villa La Angostura to San Martin de los Andes

  • Espejo
  • Correntoso
  • Lago Escondido
  • Villarino
  • Falkner
  • Machonico
  • Lacar

And the Nahuel Huapi, even if it is not part of the “7 “it is part of the itinerary, so they are 8 lakes. You can also visit very close other lakes , turning right or left from the main road , they are Espejo Chico , Hermoso , Traful and Meliquina lakes, a lot to see !!