To make tourism in  nature , is a responsible trip to natural areas , that means to live nature in a direct and active form , but responsibly , giving value to nature and the place culture that you visit . Normally to make trips and activities with this philosophy is called ECOTOURISM. From short family walk in the woods up to several days expeditions   in the mountain and valley universe where unique landscape is combined. Trekking is one of the principal adventure activities in Villa La Angostura.

The principal trekking paths that have markers in our area, this is the Nahuel Huapi National park Northern area, with different grades of difficulty are:

  • Nivinco Cascade
  • Cerro Mirador
  • Santa Ana Cascade
  • Ultima Esperanza lake arm
  • Cajon negro
  • Belvedere View point
  • Inacayal Cascade
  • Selva Triste
  • Villa La Angostura – Traful journey
  • Rio Bonito Cascade
  • Arrayanes wood
  • Dormilon Refuge
  • Cerro Colorado Refuge